Member at Large

Fred Baurer, MD, DABAM

Dr. Baurer did his psychiatry training at the Institute of PA Hospital and psychoanalytic training at the Philadelphia Psychoanalytic Institute. He was Medical Director at the Kirkbride Center for 26 years, pioneering the use of Medication Assisted Treatment in the inpatient setting. In addition to his work at Kirkbride, Dr. Baurer has continued to maintain a private practice in addiction psychiatry and psychotherapy for 35 years, utilizing a collaborative, recovery-oriented, relational psychodynamic approach to psychotherapy. 

He co-teaches seminars and workshops in this approach through the Psychoanalytic Center of Philadelphia and wherever invited. He has worked extensively with physicians in recovery from addiction. Dr. Baurer is Past President of the PA Society of Addiction Medicine and on faculty at the Psychoanalytic Center of Philadelphia.  Fred draws inspiration from yoga practice, swimming, improvisational dance, and loving family and friends.

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